Respect Club

Respect Clubs offer violence prevention, prejudice reduction, and leadership development in after school programs. Students meet weekly to learn about the impact of violence and prejudice in their community and what they can do to stop it. NCBI works to create a safe space for the most vulnerable populations in the school while breaking their isolation, building alliances and friendships across group lines, and developing their esteem and leadership skills.

All Respect Clubs are led by teams of NCBI trainers who adapt existing NCBI Prejudice Reduction and Violence Prevention curricula for use over the course of the school year. The activities are participatory and experiential, and aim to develop the following skills:

  • Leadership: working with a team, creating a plan, and accomplishing goals
  • Active listening: using listening skills to change prejudicial attitudes, defuse conflicts, and prevent violence
  • Expressing emotions positively
  • Identifying and addressing stereotypes and forms of mistreatment (gender roles and expectations, racism, adultism, etc.)
  • Understanding the causes and cycle of violence

In addition, every spring all the Respect Clubs team together to do a social action project. Previous projects include a book, the Inside Out film, and Diversity Day

NCBI youth programs have a strong track record of recruiting and retaining a diverse cross-section of the school community, with regard to ethnicity, economic status, age, religion, and peer group.