In The Media: Community

January 2014: MLK Jr. Day 2014

KECI was on hand to cover the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day festivities. Reporter Faith Smith caught up with Vance HomeGun who had this to say, “Dr. King was a very positive young man and he only died in his 30s so he's a role model to us all.”

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may 2013: KTMF Stops by NCbi Missoula

Emily Foster of ABC Fox Montana stopped by our office to interview our outgoing ED, Amie Thurber and our new ED, Heidi Wallace. They had a great discussion about the work we're doing and have done to reduce prejudice and prevent violence in Montana.

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April 2013: 'Diversity Day' the play

NCBI was honored to have Gregory Hinton, a Hollywood playwrite origionally from Wolfpoint, MT, come and facilitate his adaption of the Missoula Non-Discrimination Ordinance testimony known as 'Diversity Day'.  

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The University of Montana's Neighborhood Ambassadors participated in an NCBI Conflict Resolution workshop. The training provided participants with skills to use when working with community members.

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JANUARY 2013: MLK JR. DAY 2013

This year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Art and Essay contest drew over 500 entries coming from all across Montana. Grade categories included Pre-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, and 9th-12th.

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April 2011: Diversity Day 2011

Kate Whittle, of the Montana Kaimin, reports on Diversity Day 2011. The theme was "Who's Your Neighbor?" and community members were encouraged to bring their neighbor to join them in parading across Higgins Bridge to a rally by the river.

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Jan. 2011: Missoulians gather to celebrate MLK day

Missoulians gather for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration in Missoula.  The topics highlighted in this year’s celebration were LGBT equality and Islamophobia.

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