Community Trainings

BUILDING Bridges across group lines

Without ever intending to, many of us find ourselves leading very segregated lives. This prejudice-reduction workshop creates a safe learning environment for participants to examine misinformation about race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, disabilities, and other differences; develop greater awareness and pride in their own identities; deepen understanding of one another's experiences of mistreatment; and develop the skills and confidence to act as allies to all groups.


Controversial issues process

Do you find it difficult to move from polarization to collaboration? This workshop teaches the skills necessary for dealing with divisive issues in a positive way. Divided groups learn to understand each other’s positions, identify common-ground, and take steps to develop common ground solutions. NCBI staff can facilitate this process for groups wanting to develop conflict resolution skills or resolve a specific conflict.


eliminating white racism

Each spring, NCBI Missoula offers an eight-week series for white people working to end racism. This course provides an opportunity for white people to examine their relationship to racism and to learn how whiteness operates on individual, interpersonal, cultural, and institutional levels. Bridging theory, critical reflection, and hands-on practice, this class prepares participants to be leaders in ending racism.  

This class provides a small group, experiential learning environment for participants to examine what racism looks like on both a societal and individual level.  It also helps participants transform the prejudicial attitudes in themselves and others in order to become active allies to people of color in the struggle for racial equality.

preventing violence: A community conversation

Everyone of us plays a role in building a safer community. This workshop explores how a community is impacted by all forms of violence and what neighbors, family members, friends, and professionals can do to support one another in living safe, healthy lives. Participants map out types of violence in their community, examine the root causes of violence, learn strategies to address the impact of violence, identify ways to prevent violence, and develop non-violent intervention techniques.

Community Train-the-trainer

Every other year, NCBI Missoula offers a three-day intensive workshop that teaches participants skills necessary for providing influential leadership in ending discrimination, reducing intergroup conflict and building inclusive communities. The seminar is open to all community members and includes experiential activities, large and small group dialogue, and opportunities to practice new skills. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants are invited to join NCBI Missoula's chapter to receive ongoing training, support and opportunities to lead trainings in their own community, agency, campus, or business.  Let us know if you'd like to register and we'll get in touch closer to the date.