Martin Luther King Jr. Day Community Celebration

Dr. King remains a central figure in our nation’s ongoing dialogue on race and equality. Forty-six years after the death of Dr. King, we still struggle to discuss and respond to racism, homophobia, economic injustice and other forms of oppression. NCBI Missoula is proud to sponsor the Missoula MLK Day Community Celebration by engaging community members in dialogue and calling people to action to help create a more just and inclusive society. Each January, the MLK Day Community Celebration seeks to help commemorate the message of Martin Luther King Jr. by assisting participants to examine justice and equality through a number of lenses: How do we reflect King’s values in our individual lives?  As neighbors? As communities? How far has our country come toward realizing King’s vision? What still remains to be done? Through service, action, lecture, art, and dialogue, the MLK Day Community Celebration engages hundreds of community members in an examination of the legacy of Dr. King, equality issues locally and nationally, and ways to bridge divides and resolve differences.