Business and Organizational Trainings


A workplace doesn't work when its staff doesn't feel safe, valued or respected. This prejudice-reduction workshop helps employees effectively work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The session consists of a series of incremental, experiential activities that help participants celebrate their similarities and differences, recognize the misinformation they have learned about various groups, understand the personal impact of discrimination, and learn hands-on tools to interrupt prejudice comments and behavior.



Do you find it difficult to move from polarization to collaboration? This workshop teaches the skills necessary for dealing with divisive issues in a positive way. Divided groups learn to understand each other’s positions, identify common ground, and take steps to develop common ground solutions. NCBI staff can facilitate this process for groups wanting to develop conflict resolution skills or resolve a specific conflict.


Do you wonder if there are ways to better serve Missoula's increasingly diverse community? This workshop helps companies increase productivity and employee morale, as well as learn tools for improving customer service.  Participants will understand how diversity directly impacts the consumer through the customer/service provider relationship by examining the challenges and barriers to providing quality customer service to diverse consumers.

Participants will discuss the importance of providing effective customer service both professionally and personally, identify and respond appropriately to misinformation about different customer groups, and practice new approaches and strategies for meeting the needs of a diverse population of customers



It's often far easier to find our way into conflict than out of it. This clinic addresses the challenges of hierarchical leadership and provides an alternative model of peer leadership that develops all employees leadership skills and builds more effective team members. In addition, participants develop skills to handle one-on-one conflicts and mediate confrontations. Finally, the session explores solutions to a range of leadership challenges, including effectively handling criticism.


Resolving INterpersonal And Intergroup Conflict

NCBI workshops are hopeful and positive in tone, and build community among participants while deepening skills and empowering leadership. Our trainings use a variety of learning modalitites including: interactive, experiential excercises; developing and practicing new skills; and small and large group dialogues. The objectives of the workshops are to identify interpersonal and intergroup challenges experienced by staff, expand strategies to increase effective communication and rapport with clients and/or colleagues, and develop tools for successful conflict resolution.