NCBI has impacted many people over the years and changed many hearts and minds through workshops and community events.  We have helped individuals and groups begin to explore how they can create safer and more welcoming spaces for all, through interactive activities where participants share and learn from each other about their own experiences being mistreated, discriminated against, or disrespected.  Many participants have found a positive way to take pride in groups to which they belong and to honor other groups in our community.  Individuals have learned how to handle situations where someone is being disrespected or misteated and how to be an ally and interupt the behavoir without shaming, blaming, or humiliating anyone involved.  Many participants have been greatly impacted by these experiences and have given us great compliments over the years.  To read about what participants have said about our work with the Community, Youth and Schools, and Businesses and Organizations, click on corresponding Testimonials links above. 

In addtion to testimonials we have began to collect more indepth stories of how NCBI has impacted community members in our STORY BANK.

If you have a story you would like to contribute to our Story Bank please email us!