About Us


NCBI Missoula creates a more just and inclusive society by developing leaders who work to end mistreatment, correct systemic inequalities and strengthen community cohesion.


NCBI Missoula envisions a community where the innate value of each person is respected, where people practice skills to increase understanding of difference, where members share a commitment to correct injustice, and where all people have the opportunity to thrive without risk of violence or oppression.


The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) of Missoula, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, began in 1998 as a volunteer-run organization. Now, NCBI accomplishes its work with a small staff, a few interns and practicum students, our Board of Directors and a strong cohort of active volunteer trainers. NCBI is a chapter of NCBI International. While each chapter is independently responsible for its financial viability, the international network of over 60 chapters shares methodology, curriculum and best practices. 

NCBI Missoula serves the state of Montana, with a focus on empowering those individuals targeted by prejudice and mistreatment. To accomplish its mission, NCBI has developed a leadership development program and comprehensive course curriculum to reduce prejudice, prevent violence, and resolve conflict. Since we began, over 27,000 participants have received support and leadership development, learned skills to interrupt oppression, prevent violence, and resolve conflict, as well as developed strategies for building just systems. 

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