2013 Diversity Day

DIVERSITY DAY: An LGBT Oral History Workshop
Friday, April 12th 7-9pm

Roxy Theater (718 S. Higgins, Missoula, MT) 

On Friday, April 12th, 2013 NCBI Missoula hosted a very special celebration of the three-year anniversary of the passage of Missoula's LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance. We presented Gregory Hinton's “DIVERSITY DAY: An LGBT Oral History Workshop”. The play was a staged re-enactment of actual public testimony adapted from the historic 2010 Missoula City Council hearing, with footage of the original hearing screened in silence as testimony was read. A discussion followed. Hinton’s Diversity Day has been presented at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and as a featured event of West Hollywood’s One City/One Pride Culture Series. NCBI was proud to host the Montana debut of the play in Missoula.


Diversity Day: 4th Annual Celebration
Saturday, April 13th 6-10pm

Roxy Theater (718 S. Higgins, Missoula, MT)

On Saturday, April 13th, NCBI's Youth Advisory Council planned an exciting and eclectic showcase of youth talent, featuring song, dance and spoken word centered on the theme, “New Friends, New Community, New Missoula”. The program on Saturday night was a three part production with lots of interactive presentations from a diverse cross-section of Missoula youth.

Act I: 

Respect Club project debut

Express to Speak


Golden Voice Golden Hair

Act II: 

Debut of 'Finally Breathe' music video

Spoken Word with GUTS! and other Missoula youth

Poetry Slam with Big Sky Aerie

Amber Greymorning, Arapaho Stories

Special presentation by Chris Coburn

Act III: 

Baby and Bukowski

Comatose Smile